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Rob Hoffman – Complete 32 Plus Hour Video Training

Rob Hoffman – Complete 32 Plus Hour Video Training
Author: Rob Hoffman
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This complete package filled with an incredible number of real world examples for traders covers all 32+ hours of intensive training on Roberts indicators, setups, strategies, trend trading and as importantly, several hours of additional question and answer follow up which led to Robert not only clarifying and expounding on several key points, but sharing additional strategies and concepts not shared initially in his other videos.

This complete course is an absolute must have for your growth and development as a serious financial market participant.

1 Roberts Indicators (recommended watch this last)
This 3 hour course systematically looks at Roberts trading setup including all of his charts, actual indicators, the settings for each of the indicators, and thorough discussion of how he creates his well respected and critical support and resistance levels.

2 Setups, Entries and Stops
This 3 1/2 hour course starts out answering several questions regarding students had regarding Roberts methodologies, then moves into discussing his advanced entry techniques, more on his two bar and three bar break strategies and variations of them, pivot points, plus as a bonus, completely new setup techniques to offer many more trades when the two and three bar strategies are unavailable. Then Robert closes with answering several more questions to drive home the training for students.

3 Beginner to Intermediate Intensive Q&A
This course offers almost 3 1/2 hours of intensive Q&A covering the following topics: Indicators, Moving Averages, Support and Resistance Levels, Fibonacci, Setups, Entries, Exits, Stops, Market Events, News, and Trading Psychology. In this webinar Robert also presented training on indicators and other topics that he did not share in any other course as a bonus to this group.

4 Intermediate to Advanced Intensive Q&A
This course offers almost 4 hours of intensive Q&A covering the following topics: Indicators, Moving Averages, Support and Resistance Levels, Fibonacci, Setups, Entries, Exits, Stops, Market Events, News, and Trading Psychology. This course was intensive and not to be missed!

5 Trend Trading Techniques
This is a must own course for Futures, Stock, ETF, and FOREX traders. It is over 4 ? hours long packed with countless trend trading setup examples on multiple trend trading timeframes to really drive home the setups! These are real setups Robert uses in his Live Trading Room! So regardless of your trading style, youll want this video and setups as part of your trading toolbox!

6 Key Trading Rules For Survival
This course includes 2 1/2 hours of very specific rules Robert uses for trend identification, how he trades them for entries, exits points utilizing accumulation and distribution, Roberts favorite scaling techniques and requirements, failing trade identification, key thoughts for trade management, and a trading checklist Robert uses prior to entries.

7 Advanced Trading Strategies
This course includes 5+ hours of important education on using the Multi timeframe Indicators, when not to take a trade, criteria for higher probability trades, working in unison with other indicators, aggressive vs. conservative setups, scalp trading, add to and exiting positions and using with Yolume Spread Analysis. Dont miss the course!

8 New and Small Lot Trader Course
This course includes 6+ hours of incredibly important education on using this methodology as a new trader or a trader who trades small contract size. This course is co facilited by one of Roberts actual students whos been very successfully utilizing Roberts work., He discusses how he started with a very small account and has grown that account using Roberts work. He discusses the pitfalls and mistakes he made as he grew his account and his favorite setups of Roberts that he attributes his success to. Also covered during this 6+ hour course are favorite instruments to trade, trading times, account setup and management, trading discipline, setups, entry and exit points, stops, and scaling! So dont miss this latest course that students are calling the best one ever!

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