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Kim Krause Schwalm – Ultimate KKS Bundle

Kim Krause Schwalm – Ultimate KKS Bundle
Original Price: $997
Author: Kim Krause Schwalm
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Dear Copywriter, Marketer, or Business Owner,
A few years ago, after nearly two decades in the trenches as one of the top A-list copywriters in the country.

.after creating dozens of successful controls for the biggest direct marketing companies like Boardroom, Soundview, Agora, Healthy Directions, National Geographic, and many others.
.and after beating legendary copywriters like Parris Lampropoulus and the late Jim Rutz (and many other top copywriters whose names you’ve likely heard before) .
.I decided to do something my fellow A-listers thought was crazy.
I decided to start teaching.sharing.and revealing ALL of my smokin’ hot copywriting secrets, strategies, and systems for cranking out million-dollar control after million-dollar control.
In fact, it was two years ago to this day that I held my first-ever live copywriting boot camp, in a beachfront hotel right outside sunny Los Angeles, California. I kept it to just 10 attendees for this in-depth intensive-and let one more in the door at the last minute.
During that time, I shared copywriting insights it’d taken me 19 years to learn and use on my own.but by noon that day my attendees were now able to master and profit richly from.
We spent the afternoon doing Hot Seats and copy critiques. And then we capped things off with a visit to the nearby office of the greatest living marketing expert in the world-Jay Abraham-to pick his brain (and sip champagne!)
At the very last minute, I decided to capture everything I taught these boot camp attendees on video. And while you can’t get the same private meeting with Jay that I provided those lucky folks.
You can get every nugget of copywriting “gold” I shared with them, including the SAME 60-page Guidebook packed with promo examples and my 5-point-system each attendee received, video recordings of my entire presentation, and a word-for-word transcript for easy reference.
You get all of this in my Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive, which I invite you to “steal” as part of this extraordinary ULTIMATE KKS BUNDLE deal. It’s a $249 value just on its own (people like Ben Settle, Shane Hunter, and Lauren Hazel tell me it’s worth at LEAST $1,000 just for that Guidebook alone).
But that’s not all.
Keep in mind I’m still a working copywriter. I still take on clients. And I’ve become an expert (in some cases, learning from the “school of hard knocks”), on steadfastly and confidently negotiating the most lucrative royalty and retainer arrangements-and avoiding common and costly pitfalls.
In fact, I’ve used these skills, along with my copywriting prowess, to rake in several streams of passive or recurring income over the past few decades.and generate at least six-figures in royalties alone every year for the past 18 years straight.
This is money that shows up in my mailbox or bank account whether I’m vacationing in Italy and drinking Aperol spritzes.running my kids to gymnastics class or soccer practice (like I did ALL the time when they were younger).or simply wrapping up my work week with a Friday afternoon massage or pedicure, something I like to do whenever I can!
I pinch myself sometimes when I think about how fortunate I’ve been to be able to do these things and live the life I live-like taking vacations abroad, working only when my kids were in school, funding their college education, and allowing my hubby to quit his stressful tech job and retire early.
Much of this has been due to bringing in the royalty “bacon” while I’m off doing other things. That’s why I decided I wanted to share my royalty and recurring revenue secrets in a program I put together with email copywriter Chris Orzechowski-which is also included in your ULTIMATE KKS BUNDLE.
It’s called the 3R’s: Royalties, Retainers, and Recurring Revenue Complete Virtual Program. And it’s designed to show you EVERYTHING you need to know about negotiating these profitable deals that can bring in 4- and even 5-figure rock-steady income month after month.
Of course, I can’t make a specific income claim or guarantee your results, because I don’t know your personal situation. All I can say is that in this program, Chris and I don’t hold back on anything.
We share the same strategies we’ve used to negotiate these kinds of deals.show you the potential problems to avoid.and reveal where (and how) to find the best clients to do these deals with. We cover all of this and more in over 10 hours of recorded training, plus the complete transcripts and detailed slides.
This program even includes an invaluable Tool Kit. In it you get templates for retainer and royalty proposals that help you seal the deal, ironclad contracts that cover your butt, exact emails and demand letters that make late-paying clients sweat bullets and pony up quick, a client-getting exercise to help you identify your top prospects, and much more.
As you can see, this Tool Kit could well be worth thousands of dollars just on its own!
Do these strategies really work? You bet they do. Chris’ retainer arrangements with folks like Jeff Walker (the creator of Product Launch Formula) and many others have helped him bring in cushy monthly income, and allowed him to leave his teaching job 5 years ago.
And my lucrative retainer arrangement with a supplement company 20 years ago let me walk away from my then $100k-a-year job after I got “mommy-tracked” and go on to freelance success.
Retainers can be a great vehicle for you, too.as can royalty and other recurring revenue arrangements. But you need to know all the ins and outs. For you to learn these invaluable negotiating and recurring revenue secrets from not one, but two successful copywriters is one thing.
But on top of that you’re getting my Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive that lets you discover copywriting sucess secrets from a control-beating, actively working A-list copywriter. So they’re tactics and strategies that are working now.and that YOU can easily adapt and apply.
Our 3R’s: Royalties, Retainers, and Recurring Revenue Complete Virtual Program normally sells for $397 (Chris and I are charging way too little). Add that to the $249 value of my Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive and you’ll see how much you’d normally have to shell out just for these two incredibly valuable-if not game-changing-training programs.
You get BOTH of these programs in your ULTIMATE KKS BUNDLE. But I didn’t stop there. You also get my “Buy ’em All” Complete KKS Swipe File included in this incredible bundle deal.
That means you get full PDF promo copies (some with multiple versions included) of nearly 3 dozen million-dollar control promos I’ve written for clients over the past few decades. They’re for nutritional supplements, skin care, health books, alternative health newsletters, financial advisories, fitness, and more. Each one is a proven, successful control you can study and glean new insights from.
What’s more, any time I add more past and current controls to this swipe file (I have more I plan to add, and there are new promos in the hopper right now), you’ll get them for free sent to your email address automatically! You won’t have to pay another penny and there’s nothing you need to do.
Typically, each one of these PDFs sells for $39.95 or as much as $59.95 apiece. But you get ALL of the control promotions in my “Buy ’em All” swipe file in your ULTIMATE KKS BUNDLE. Here’s a complete list of what’s included:
1. Tax Hotline newsletter -Boardroom (this beat Parris Lampropoulus’s “unbeatable” 7-year control and made me the first female copywriter to get a Boardroom control!)

Kim Krause Schwalm – Ultimate KKS Bundle Contains: Video, PDF´s
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