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Ken Calhoun – Day Trading

Ken Calhoun – Day Trading
Author: Ken Calhoun
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Pro Charts for Nasdaq Traders: Mastering the Microtrading Patterns
– What is Microtrading? Differences between Microtrades and Other Daytrades
– Recognizing High-Probability Trading Setups: What’s Likely, What’s Not?
– Timing your Trades: Managing Fast Entries & Exits Based on Time Cycles
– Micro-Trading Cup Patterns during the Open
Tips for Understanding the Big Picture: Sector, COMPQ & TRINQ Patterns
– Trading Wide Range vs. Narrow Range Days: 2-Day Chart Patterns
– Pro Index Chart Setups: Using TRINQ, COMPQ and Sector Charts Together
– Lead Tier Stocks and 2nd Tier Follow Stocks and Patterns

DTU Daytraders’ Power Chart Patterns Part I: Entering Chart Breakouts
– Early Morning Breakout Patterns & Trading them Consistently
– Cup Patterns, Intraday Highs, 2-Day Highs, and Consolidation Breakouts
– Trading the Breakouts from 10am til 11:30am
– Trade Management for Breakout Trading: Order Execution & Timing Tips

DTU Daytraders’ Power Chart Patterns Part II: 1/2-Day Intraday Charts
– Premarket Chart Cups, Trends, Triangles and Open Gap Patterns
– Bullish & Bearish Cup Patterns to Recognize
– Trading the Open: Chart Patterns to Know for the first 30 minutes
– Volume Reversal Patterns, Stochastics and Other Breakouts

Pract ical 1-Minute Candlestick Charts: Daytrading Candlestick Chart Patterns
– Patterns I: Morning Stars, Three Line Breaks, Engulfing Charts
– Patterns II: Using Dojis and Hammers to trade reversals and pivots
– Choosing the Best Data Interval: Using 1- 2- 3- and 5-minute candlesticks

Fibonacci Retracement Bounce Chart Patterns: Using Fibo Bounces
– Fibonacci Chart Patterns for Open Gap & Premarket Trades
– Fibonacci Chart Patterns for Trading the First 30 Minutes
– Fibonacci Charts on Post-10am Trades: Using Retracements on Bounces & Fades
– Chart Patterns for Buying Gaps Down, Shorting Gaps Up

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