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Iman Gadzhi – Agency Incubator 2020

Iman Gadzhi – Agency Incubator
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Our mission.
The collapse of our education system as we know it.
We’re on a mission to reform the education system by bringing our customers the best online business programs the world has ever seen. Period. We’re here to help nurture & grow the next breed of agencies. Traditional education is outdated, invalid & overpriced. Our courses aim to deliver 10x the impact on your income for 1/100 of the price tag of a regular college education.
Agency life.
We help total beginners with zero business experience start & scale their own agencies to ‘fiercely’ profitable levels. We also help 6-Figure agencies scale to 7-Figures.
Very few people understand how to setup their agency right. We place an emphasis on working ‘on’ the business and not ‘in’ it.
We make sure our students act like real agency owners, not glorified contractors. The result? If done right, having an agency is incredibly lucrative and can be very hands off.

We don’t believe in being a one trick pony.
After thousands of paid customers, we understand it’s just as much about the mental battle as it is about tactics. Our teaching is designed to build real Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who have an ‘Eagle-Eye’.
We teach our students about not only how to sell but how to build an incredible team.
We teach our students how to manage cash-flow, how to understand copywriting, paid traffic, accounting and more.
We’re building real Entrepreneurs with real skills, not gimmicks.
Finally – we teach our community how to manage mindset, structure & habits.

The Curriculum
► The Course Code of Honour 40:02
► A Paradigm To Carry Through 31:06
► Understanding The Business Model 45:27
► Your Service Offering 31:28
► Picking Your Niche 27:21
► Tools To 6-Figures 24:14
► Laying The Foundation 28:51
► An Intro To This Paradigm 26:29
► Elimination & Focus 48:54
► Upgrading Your Health 32:52
► Breeding A Circle of Support 63:00
► Transcending Your Identity 56:58
► Brain Gym 35:45
► Building Rome Brick By Brick 29:24
► Getting Paid 16:51
► Pricing Your Services 71:03
► Right Client vs Wrong Client 36:15
► On-Boarding Clients 21:55
► Accounting & Cashflow 19:03
► Seamless Communication 09:25
► The Fundamentals 23:21
► Finding Leads & Qualifying 19:40
► Storing & Organising Leads 29:29
► Cold Calling 32:32
► Cold Messaging 22:43
► Targeted Loom 11:41
► Our Sales Sub-Communication 19:26
► The Sales Process 20:48
► The Sales Script 35:39
► Objection Handling 16:26
► Studying Our Approach & Re-Iterate 11:23
► Social Media Management, Content & Growth 17:46
► FaBo Ads – Rock Solid Foundation 33:02
► FaBo Ads – Assembling Audiences 33:06
► FaBo Ads – Going LIVE & Workflow 22:31
► Becoming A Copywriting King 53:04
► FaBo Ads – Ratcheting Up Spend & Holding Down The Fort 20:01
► Facebook Ads For Local Businesses 19:11
► Staying Top of Mind 16:24
► Creating Your A-Team 33:43
► Fattening Bottom Line

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