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Dan Kennedy – The Ultimate No Bs Referral Machine

Dan Kennedy – The Ultimate No Bs Referral Machine
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Announcing An Elegant And Sophisticated Referral System Your Competition Doesn’t Know About That’ll Generate An Endless Flow Of Qualified Customers, Clients Or Patients FAST Even If You’ve Been Afraid To Ask For Referrals Or Your Customers Don’t Want To Refer.

” Most Of The Old Sales Trainer’s Techniques For Garnering Referrals Are DEAD Wrong. Keep Reading To Discover The Blunt, Unvarnished Truth About How You Can Start Generating A Never-Ending Flow Of Referrals By Design, Not By Chance. Dear Savvy Renegade Marketer, If you want to forever end your dependence on cold calling and cold prospects, and make generating warm prospects less of a nerve-wracking mystery, then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for. Because you’re going to discover a system that’ll allow you to have to never ask the #1 BIG question that’s feared by salespeople and entrepreneurs everywhere: “Who Do I Speak To Next Now That My Original List Of Names Has Run Out?” The secret to forever ending this gut-wrenching realization is through generating more referrals. They’re literally the best customer, client or patient you can get because they were recommended by family, friend or a satisfied customer. The best part is this: referrals cost almost nothing to generate. Especially when you compare it with the cost of cold calling for leads, cold prospecting for new customers, and the other mind-numbing drudgery most businesses endure to stay afloat. Imagine waking up in the morning with endless customers, a perpetual list of names you can contact at anytime, and with no worries about where your next customer, client or patient is going to come from? And think about the confidence you’ll feel knowing you have a strong list of names so that if someone says, “No, I’m not interested,” you don’t panic because you have plenty of names on your list to contact. Let’s just face it. Referrals are lifeblood to a strong business. Having quality names at your disposal will help you create a strong vibrant business vs. a business that is running on thin air. So Now Let’s Take An Inventory Of Your Business Right This Moment As You’re Reading Every Single Word Of This Letter: Do you have a large list of quality prospects that you never, ever have to be concerned whether or not they’ll do business with you? Or, are you constantly worried where you’re going to get your next customer, client or patient? Based on our experience helping thousands of entrepreneurs attract greater prosperity in their business, the answer is, unfortunately, #2. These entrepreneurs constantly have to deal with “looky loos” and skeptical prospects and “hope and pray” they’ll do business with them. Further, all the lead generation efforts of their business are all up to them. They’re always on the defensive, knowing it’s their sole responsibility to find new people to talk to. They have absolutely no piece of mind knowing they are emotionally attached to the results. That’s because if these cold prospects don’t do business, they’re out of business in a New York Minute. This leads to bad negotiating positions when you start undercharging yourself just to “get that customer or client.” There’s no certainty in a business that’s devoid in referrals, pure and simple. But if you have a constant stream of referrals flooding your business, you have a certain “swagger.” You know you don’t have to accept every customer, client or patient coming your way. You have a thriving, vibrant business that’s fun to possess because all the prospects already “know” you through family, friend, customer, or business partner. So if you depend mostly on cold calling and cold prospecting to run a healthy business, then think again: Standard Prospecting Techniques No Longer Work Like They Once Did The average prospect is more skeptical, less trusting, and wants to have a “know you and like you” relationship with whom they do business. Plus competition is fierce and many markets are already saturated-making reaching cold prospects extremely expensive and time-consuming. The answer is learning how to generate a constant stream of referrals, where you have customers, clients, patients, and colleagues gladly and continually refer new business to you. But if you’re honest with yourself, you probably don’t have a system in place for generating referrals. You’ll have to admit that most of the business you’re currently getting is mostly by “chance.

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