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Brian Voong – Intermediate Training Course with Core Data

Brian Voong – Intermediate Training Course with Core Data
Author: Brian Voong
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Why am I Teaching this? If you’re looking to become an iOS developer or work on Front End Development, you’re going to have to learn how to Create, Read, Update, and Delete objects. These four operations are referred to as CRUD operations in the software development world. Understanding how to pass objects around from screen to screen and perform updates and deletes to the database is an essential skill for any developer.

As a professional developer with experience training interns into wonderful Software Developers, I’ve come up with the perfect amount of lessons to get you up to speed. These fundamental skills are what you need to progress further in your development career.
What is Core Data?
Core Data is one of the most commonly used method for storing data in your iOS applications. The process of saving data for later usage is often referred to as Caching. Benefits you get from implementing Caching in your apps include offline usage, lightning fast display of data without server fetching, organized data structures for optimized code, etc.
Core Data utilizes SQLite to store data inside your app. If you’re familiar with how relational databases work, you’ll understand how quickly Reads, Writes, Updates, and Deletes are processed using this library.
Who this course is for?
– You want to learn Core Data through practical examples
– You have struggled with bad instructors and confusing courses online about this subject
– You need guidance on how to become a professional developer
– You want to advance your programming skills
– You want to learn from a Lead Software Engineer with real-world experience

00. Preview
01. Course Architecture Overview
02. Stylizing Our UI
03. Build List with UITableViewController
04. Dynamic List and Create Company
05. Sending our Company Back through Delegation
06. Set Up Core Data and Save Company
07. Core Data Singleton Context
08. Deleting Companies
09. Editing Company Entities
10. Company Founded Date
11. Photo Selector
12. Saving Image as Binary Data
13. Batch Delete Request
14. Custom Company Cell
15. Protocol Oriented Programming Refactor
16. Employees UI and Useful Extensions
17. Creating our Employee Entity
18. List Employees and Tuples
19. Employee Information One-to-One Relationship
20. One to Many Relationship
21. Form Validation
22. UITableView Sections Filtering
23. UISegmentedControl Employee Types
24. Employee Type Enumeration Grouping
25. Background Thread Object Creation
26. Background Thread Updates
27. Nested Parent Child Context Relationship
28. Auto UI Updates NSFetchedResultsController
29. JSON Decodable Companies
30. JSON to Core Data
31. Automatic Lightweight Migration
32. Custom Manual Migration

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