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Andrew Holecek – Dream Sculpting

Andrew Holecek – Dream Sculpting
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Author: Andrew Holecek
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From Barely Lucid To Hyper Lucid
Discover The Master Blueprint To Turn Lucid Dreaming Into Your Strongest Ally
In Accelerating Your Personal And Spiritual Evolution.
Join Andrew Holecek In This Six-Week Transformational Journey Into The Deepest Depths Of Your Mind Where You’ll Uncover A Whole New World Of Possibilities That You Never Knew Existed
This course is for you if you
1) Interested in the thrill of waking up in their dreams and having the time of their life in the privacy of their own mind.
2) Looking to make better use of the combined 50 hours a week the average person spends in slumber and turn part of it into a life-transforming experience.
3) Drawn to the concept of Lucid Dreaming as a vehicle for awakening or spiritual expansion.
Every human being on this planet sleeps and dreams.
Have you ever wondered what’s going on when you sleep and dream?
What are those shadowy states of consciousness we all share?
Ones that we spend a third of our lives in?
Are they mere rest that serves no other purpose than rejuvenating your physical body?
What if there was more to the story?
What if those were the greatest missed opportunities of humankind?
Introducing. Dream Sculpting – The Gold Standard Course In Lucid Dreaming With Legendary Teacher Andrew Holecek
We partner with some of the legendary teachers on the planet merging their teachings with great technology and design to create learning programs that truly change lives and transform you into the greatest version of yourself.
We realized that the concept of lucid dreaming is anything but new and there are countless studies and thousands of books written on it. Our scientists started studying it since 1978. Before that, the ancient Eastern spiritual schools had documented it thousands of years ago.
Yet today, thousands of amateur practitioners are struggling to find a definitive path to its mastery.
And that’s why we decided to create a gold standard course called Dream Sculpting.
It is designed as a six-week experiential program based on modern science and Eastern Buddhist traditions. You will learn the fundamentals of lucid dreaming as well as advanced techniques. You will be guided every step of the way by Andrew Holecek.
You not only get all the benefits of a self-paced curriculum but you also get highly interactive and personalized solutions to suit your needs as Andrew will be answering your questions.
It truly is the masterpiece of a course that the world needs right now.
Our guarantee is that this course will not only transform your night. But it will completely shift the way you look at your life from now on.
And you do not have to work on it for years. Just six weeks.
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WEEK 01 Lucid Dreaming Foundations
In the 1st week, you’ll understand the key levers of Lucid Dreaming, the varying degrees of lucidity, and even its history. If there are any safety concerns, they will vanish during this week. You’ll also get the hang of the various possibilities for improvement and growth that comes with mastery in Lucid Dreaming. Andrew will conclude this week with a powerful daytime practice to kick start your 6-week practice.
Weekly practice:
– Guided meditation.
WEEK 02 Lucid dreams – Daytime techniques
Here is where things get to the next level. You’ll dive into the daytime Lucid Dream induction techniques as well as various practices for motivation, dream recalls, and dream journaling as well as practices for conducting state checks. Andrew will also guide you through Eastern and Western tips for maintaining a healthy sleep regimen. You’ll also learn how to work with dream signs and how to develop prospective memory.
Weekly practice:
– Technique I: The Countdown.
– Exercise I: State checks.
– Exercise II: Dream signs.
– Exercise III: Developing prospective memory.
WEEK 03 Lucid dreams – Nighttime techniques
The third week is devoted to night time lucidity induction techniques. You’ll understand sleep cycles and how to use them. Andrew will also walk you through some of the most proven nighttime techniques such as Mnemonic Induction method (MILD) and the Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) method. He will also teach some of the powerful Eastern dream techniques, which work with the subtle body, especially the chakras.
Weekly practice:
– Technique II – MILD.
– Technique III – “Wake-and-back-to-bed” technique.
WEEK 04 Shortcuts to Lucid Dreaming
The week 4 is about special hacks for Lucid Dreaming. You’ll learn how to use sophisticated electronic gadgets, lucid dreaming apps and natural supplements like galantamine. Plus Andrew will reveal some of his magic shortcuts that can accelerate your results. And finally, you’ll learn how to practice lucid napping, and how to play with hypnagogic and hypnopompic states, those amazing pre and post dream states.
Weekly practice:
– EXERCISE in Lucid Napping.
WEEK 05 Overcoming Common Hurdles
By the end of the 4th week, you’re already a proficient Lucid Dreamer. However, there might be some obstacles in your dream consciousness like “near enemies,” spiritual bypassing, and slippery things like nihilism. You’ll overcome them all. And Andrew will also teach you how to sustain a lucid dream. You’ll also learn a wonderful Buddhist practice, which is the remarkable daily practice of Illusory Form.
Weekly practice:
– Illusory form Technique.
WEEK 06 The Fruition of Lucid Dreaming
During the final week, you’ll learn how to translate your accomplishments in the dream world into the real world, otherwise known as the fruition of lucid dreaming. And Andrew will also discuss dream yoga and sleep yoga, showing you just how far the practice of Lucid Dreaming can go. From physical benefits to deep psychological growth, to unlimited spiritual evolution – the opportunities are endless.
Weekly practice:
– Fruition of Lucid Dreaming

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